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Hot Water Heater
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Hot Water Heater
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Hot Water Heater
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Energy-efficient upgrades starting at $1895.

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We are providing a full range of hot water tank installation, repair, and replacement services at pleasing prices and topmost accuracy. We are experts in installing a variety of models and brands. Right installation helps in getting the optimum performance and huge energy savings. We install all the popular brands in Calgary including-Timely repair and maintenance not only ensures a safe home but also a long-lasting unit. Call us for Hot Water Heater Installations Calgary and preventive maintenance of tankless heaters and furnaces. We are familiar with every issue that hampers the proper functioning of your hot water tank. We inspect, determine the root cause of the problem, and provide the most satisfactory solution. There are no last-minute additions in our fees but a clear upfront quotation for every Hot Water Heater Repair Calgary.

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Low Heating Costs – No Costly Repair Charges

When you should replace your water heater?

Atmospheric Vented Hot Water Tank

Sizes for small to large homes and families. Prices include supply and installation:

40 gallon — $1895 + GST
50 gallon — $2195 + GST
75 gallon — $3695 + GST


Save $200 when combined with Furnace or A/C installation!

Power Vented Hot Water Tank heater

Vents at the side of your home. Sizes for small to large homes and families:

40, 50, 75 gallon — Ask us for a quote


Save $200 when combined with Furnace or A/C installation!

Replacing an existing power-vented hot water tank? Save $300 on installation.

Heating & Cooling FAQ

Why is the pipe on the side of my water heater ‘leaking?’

Most likely you are referring to the overflow pipe attached to the temperature relief valve on the water heater. This is a safety valve and helps relieve excess temperature and pressure inside the water heater in case of high pressure or an overheated water heater.

What type of water heater do I have?

You can start with looking up the model number, but those may vary and lead to confusion. If it doesn’t bring you the right results, look at the visuals of your water heater. A gas water heater will have a pipe going into the bottom to feed it gas.

How long does a water heater take to fully heat up?

Generally, hot water heaters take about 45 minutes to be fully hot. If your water heater has been turned off or if you have just had a new unit installed it will take approximately 45 minutes to heat the water up. Each water heater varies in recovery depending on the gallon capacity and BTU input, but if after about 1 hour there is still no hot water then the unit is not working properly.